2K Announces Windows PC Release of WWE 2K17

2K Games have announced that the latest iteration in the WWE game series – WWE 2K17 – will be released for Windows PCs on 7th February.

Unlike the past two years, in which all DLC has been included with only one edition being available, this time will see a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition, with it currently being available on the 2K Store and Steam, with a 10% discount for the Standard and a 15% discount for the Deluxe.

While the Standard Edition does include the Goldberg Pack DLC, the rest of the DLC (including some to be released post-launch) is only available in the Deluxe Edition due to its inclusion of the Season Pass.

Included in the Goldberg Pack are two playable versions of Bill Goldberg, as well as playable WCW Monday Nitro and WCW Halloween Havoc arenas.

DLC comprising the Season Pass includes (but is not limited to) MyPlayer Kickstart, Accelerator NXT Enhancement Pack, Legends Pack, New Moves Pack, Future Stars Pack, and a Hall of Fame Showcase (with this last item and any future DLC to be the ones mentioned as being available post-launch).

You can pre-order WWE 2K17 on PC from the 2K Store as a Steam Key, or directly on Steam itself.

[Via: Wrestling Fusion]


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